V-bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (RV 10) - 2143

Great for cleaning while you are out of the house !

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Feature & Specification:
  • With the touch-sensitive bumper, RV-10 senses obstacles as it vacuums a room and won't hurt the furniture, and it's smart enough to get out of tight places.
  • Built-in cliff avoidance sensors prevent RV-10 from falling down stairs.
  • Maintains same constant cleaning power
  • Two spinning edge-cleaning brushes
  • Remote control included (requires 2 AAA batteries)
  • Picks up fine debris and pet hair
  • Cleans wood, slate, tile and low pile carpet
  • Travels through several cleaning patterns to ensure the entire room is clean
  • Control panel on unit with cleaning time selector (small/medium/large)
  • Creating an AutoSweeper cleaning system that sweep even when nobody at home
  • It is suitable for use on all normal household floor
  • Three timer settings runs from 20 to 60 minutes, allows users to select how long they want to clean
  • Easy-to-remove and clean translucent particle bin and filter from upside, it will not smudge your hands
  • Easy-to-grab allows user to quick move AutoSweeper
  • Uses rechargeable battery pack.
  • Creating a microprogram that automatically cleans your room by random, spiral, along-the-wall, Z-type navigate route.
  • Infrared remote control that can stop AutoSweeper anytime, anywhere
  • Building levorotatory and clockwise small angle adjusting and forthright control
  • Designed with nonstick hair brushes
  • Designed with light sensor AutoSweeper, cleans even under sofa or bed
  • With replaceable wheels and brushes

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